Data Virtualization for the Cloud, Big Data, and Social Media – Lessons from Navteq
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    Gordan Redzic
Senior Product Manager


Tuesday, April 5, 2011
07:30 AM - 08:20 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Innovative companies get ahead by leveraging all data that has value and remain agile. They find ways to integrate enterprise data with cloud, partner and semi-structured data to deliver new product offerings, improve customer service, and enrich business intelligence. This presentation will discuss how Data Virtualization has helped Navteq to integrate and enrich massive amounts of location data stored in the cloud with real-time information coming from partners (traffic, weather etc.), social media sites (where friends are “checking in” tonight or which bar they “liked”?), location and context-sensitive commerce (coupons, infomercials…) and other sources to deliver a win-win for both the consumer and content/commerce providers. You will also learn how Data Virtualization works and is used creating a “virtual” data layer across disparate sources and delivers agile data services at one-fifth the cost of traditional integration.

Gordan Redzic is Senior Product Manager at Navteq, the leader in mapping and navigation technology, and a subsidiary of Nokia. Gordan is responsible for Navteq’s global Location Content System that delivers point-of-Interest data to millions of navigation and mapping users. Gordan spearheads product innovation in real-time location data that adapts to geo-spatial, social, individual and commercial contexts of the user. Prior to Navteq, Gordan held leadership roles in technology and product management at Motorola. Gordan has an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business and a Masters in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology.

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