Avoid Process Data Headaches: Align Data Management and Business Process Initiatives
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  Rob Karel   Rob Karel
Principal Analyst
Forrester Research


Tuesday, April 5, 2011
08:30 AM - 09:20 AM

Level:  Business

Data management professionals drive master data management, data quality and data warehousing strategies to ensure delivery of a single, trusted enterprise view of data to the business, but they struggle with the business case and engagement with business stakeholders to support and participate in traditionally IT-driven efforts. Business process management professionals, on the other hand, understand the need for data but often only pay it lip service, doing little to take responsibility for ensuring quality data within their processes.

Data and process are inextricably linked — you need to trust your data to ensure the effective adoption and implementation of defined business processes and insights. Yet most process and data governance efforts are siloed and disconnected. In this keynote, discover Forrester’s Process Data Management approach with best practices to achieve business process and data governance alignment and receive recommendations on how to develop the necessary roles and responsibilities to support this.

Rob has more than 14 years of data management experience, working in both business and IT roles to develop solutions that provide better quality, confidence in, and usability of critical enterprise data. Prior to joining Forrester, he managed Intuit's enterprise data quality initiatives and supported the implementation of Intuit's customer master reference system. Prior to Intuit, Rob managed the design and development of customer master and attribute management solutions for Cisco Systems. Earlier, Rob was research manager for the global mergers and acquisitions product group at Thomson Financial Securities Data (now Thomson Financial Investment Banking).

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