Applied Metadata Management - Part 2: Institutionalizing Metadata Management and Multiplying Metadata Value
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  Ian Rowlands   Ian Rowlands
Sr. Director of Product Management
  Scott McCurdy   Scott McCurdy
SR. VP of Business Solutions
    Ravi Chivukula
Director of Business Solutions


Wednesday, April 6, 2011
09:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Level:  Intermediate

From first base to home run – institutionalizing metadata management and multiplying metadata value: - Choosing the next project - Implementing the next project - Keeping your users excited - Keeping executive commitment healthy - Cost management: Exploiting vendors and their friends

Ian Rowlands is ASG's Senior Director of Product Management. He heads product management for Metadata and Application Management and is also tasked with providing input across ASG's entire portfolio. Ian has also served as Vice President of ASG's repository development organization. Prior to joining ASG, Ian served as Director of Indirect Channels for Viasoft, a leading Enterprise Application Management vendor that was later acquired by ASG where he was responsible for relationships with Viasoft’s distributor partners outside North America. He has worked extensively in metadata management and IT systems and financial management, and presented at conferences world-wide, including DAMA and CMG.

Scott is the SVP of Business Solutions and Strategy at ASG. Scott has over 20 year of experience in a variety of technical and business roles within the software industry. He joined ASG in 2002 responsible for product management of metadata management solutions and is currently the SVP of Business Solutions and Strategy. Prior to joining ASG he worked for Texas Instruments and Sterling Software in roles ranging from developer, consulting project manager, product development manager, financial manager, and product manager.

Ravi Chivukula is the Director of Business Solutions at ASG. He is responsible for product management and marketing of metaApps, a class of products that are designed to leverage ASG’s flagship metadata management tool- Rochade. Prior to joining ASG in 2010, Ravi held a variety of product management and development roles in the internet and enterprise software spaces spanning a career of 17 years. Most recently he was the Director of Product Development for a SaaS product at Jobster in Seattle.

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