Emergent Analytics (TM): Using Semantic Technology to Create an Agile Analytic Enterprise
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  Michael Lang, Sr.   Michael A. Lang, Sr.
CEO, Co-founder
Revelytix, Inc


Wednesday, April 6, 2011
12:30 PM - 01:00 PM

Level:  Intermediate

To do any form of analysis in the enterprise you need specific knowledge about the domain being analyzed, raw data is not enough. Users want to know where each data element originates and have the assurance they fully understanding it's meaning. In order to have full confidence, they also need immediate access to the rules and policies used to calculate values and define relationships. Transparency is achieved when data and systems are described by domains and include descriptions from the perspective of all participants within those domains but transparency is only half the battle. When the semantics are completed, mapped to their appropriate data sources and these same models are machine readable, an Enterprise Information Web (EIW) evolves to support Emergent Analytics(TM), agile analytics across the enterprise.

Michael Lang, CEO and Founder, Revelytix, Inc., will detail how the W3C Semantic Web Standards are being applied to solve these highly complex problems, without having to migrate databases or stage information. For those just getting exposed to semantics, the talk opens with an explanation of how the W3C's Semantic Web Standards evolved from DARPA to become the only set of open standards that can be uniformly applied today to Enterprise Information Management. The talk will focus on the problem set of two existing customer engagements, required skill sets to support Revelytix collaborative methodologies for developing a unified information management and integration solution. Emergent Analytics (TM), the agility to analyze your business at the enterprise level.

Michael A. Lang, Sr. is Co-Founder and Chairman of Revelytix, Inc., a semantic technology company that has developed an ontology-based collaboration framework for vocabulary development and community knowledge management. Prior to founding Revelytix, Mr. Lang co-founded MetaMatrix, an Enterprise Information Integration company that was sold to Red Hat in 2007. Earlier on, Mr. Lang was President of NSSI, a CAD software company purchased by Network Imaging. Prior to NSSI he worked in the financial information industry for Bridge Information Systems and Reuters Information Systems, where he ran strategy for financial information and analytic products. He is a noted consultant in the areas of data integration and semantic technologies. He has assisted in various areas of product strategy for such companies as BEA Systems. Mr. Lang is a graduate of Washington College, with a B.S. in Chemistry.

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