Successfully Kickstarting Data Governance's Social Dynamics: Define, Collaborate, Validate
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    Stijn Christiaens


Wednesday, April 6, 2011
07:30 AM - 08:20 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Learn how to launch your data governance program, by answering three questions: - What does my data mean: collect and manage business definitions and relations, taxonomies and classifications, business rules and ontologies; - How can I involve all stakeholders: engage them across business units and geographies, with stewards, data owners, … in a guiding workflow; - How do I operationalize data governance: link MDM, DQ and BI to the business, use business-driven semantic modelling, achieve end-to end traceabilitiy. During this session we will use examples from different verticals: Finance, Government, Utilities,… . We discuss their main drivers for starting a Data Governance initiative, as well as their pragmatic approach in moving from gradual roll out to support and sustain their Data Governance program.

Stijn Christiaens is co-founder and operational director at Collibra (, a Data Governance enterprise software company. As such he has a global responsability for all technical pre sales, implementation and support activities. This allows him to have a front seat view on real customer demands, issues and implementation challenges. Prior to founding the company he was a senior researcher at the Free University of Brussels STARLab, a leading semantic research center in Europe, performing application-driven research in semantics. As such, he participated actively in several international (ITEA, FP6, FP7) research projects and conferences (OTM, FIS, ESTC, ...). Stijn has also published various articles in the field of ontology engineering. He is an active DAMA member and speaker at DAMA events in Europe and was recently one of the best received speakers at the IDC SOA event in London with his presentation on 'Business Driven SOA'.

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