ISO 8000 Data Quality
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  Peter Benson   Peter R. Benson
Founding and Executive Director


Thursday, April 7, 2011
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

Level:  Intermediate

In the constant blame game of data versus application there is a new international standard that may bring some relief to both sides – all applications run better on ISO 8000 quality data! The U.S. Department of Defense, looking for faster, better and lower cost access to data, funded the development of two international standards ISO 8000 and ISO 22745. These two standards are starting to appear in both defense and commercial contracts requiring the supply of “ISO 8000 quality data”. This presentation explains what it takes to require and provide quality data as well as how quality affects data availability, portability and long term data retention in industry, banking and government. You will learn how to build an ISO 8000 master data ontology, how to define data requirements, how to source authoritative data as well as how to track and report data provenance.
• Measuring data quality
• Creating portable data
• Building an ISO 8000 master data ontology
• Defining data requirements
• Authoritative data
• Data provenance
• Data supply chain

Mr. Peter Richard Benson is the Founding and Executive Director of the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA). The international association was founded in 1999 to develop and promote the implementation of co-operative solutions for the unambiguous exchange of information. Peter has enjoyed a long career in data driven systems starting with early work on debugging Vulcan the precursor of what became dBase, one of the early relational database applications designed for the personal computer market. Peter went on to design WordStar Messenger, one of the very first commercial electronic mail software applications which included automated high to low bit conversion to allow eight bit word-processing formatting codes to pass through the early seven bit UNIX email systems. Peter received a British patent in 1992 covering the use of automated email to update distributed databases. From 1994 to 1998 Peter chaired the ANSI committee responsible for the development of EDI standards for product data (ASC X12E). Peter was responsible for the design; development and global promotion of the UNSPSC as an international commodity classification for spend analysis and procurement. Most recently, in pursuit of a faster, better and lower cost method for obtaining and validating master data, Peter designed and oversaw the development of the eOTD, eDRR and eGOR as open registries of terminology, data requirements and organizations mirrored on the NATO cataloging system. Peter is also the project leader for ISO 8000 (data quality) and ISO 22745 (open technical dictionaries).

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